San Marzano embarks on a journey to safeguard bees 

Bees are essential for life on our planet because they are great allies of biodiversity.As pollinating insects, bees do essential work in plant reproduction. It is estimated that 70% of fruit and vegetables and 35% of all the food we eat depends on bee pollination work. Unfortunately, the survival of bees is threatened by a number of factors such as the indiscriminate use of pesticides and the spread of intensive agriculture. Furthermore, the climate crisis poses a threat to these small insects, as it alters the normal cycle of the seasons and puts regular flowering at risk.

This is why San Marzano has decided to embark on a journey to protect bees with the help of

We have installed beehives on one of our estates, where a biodiversity protection project is already underway, in order to trigger a mutually beneficial relationship, for the bees and for our crops.
The bee pollination promotes plant reproduction between the rows, improving soil fertility and ensuring greater biodiversity in the vineyard.
Furthermore, bees are particularly sensitive to the conditions in which they live, so their presence is an indication of a healthy environment; therefore, their presence will help us monitor the health of the estate.

We started this project to coincide with the release of our new wine, Polline, a Muscat raisin wine named after the nourishment of these precious little insects.

Polline Moscato Passito Salento IGP