TramArt is back: the limited edition Rosé of Primitivo San Marzano

TramArt, the tale of the marriage between art and wine is enriched with a new chapter, the third in the saga.
The muse, always Tramari, the Primitivo San Marzano rosé that with its light hues and clean label becomes an artist’s canvas, a blank page inviting expression.

Tramari’s exclusive Limited Edition for spring-summer 2023 is designed by Agostino Iacurci, an Italian artist who moves away from the sharp, geometric lines that characterised previous editions of Paul Kremer (ed. 2021) and Matt Kleberg (ed.2022), and gives the wine a rich bouquet of flowers, almost exuberant when seen on the minimalist label par excellence of the San Marzano range.

Tramari Agostino Iacurci

In line with his own expressive path, Iacurci retraces, by abstracting them, the stylistic features and clichés of the classical world that belong so much to the Italian cultural and historical memory, and, in a conscious process of personal research, reappropriates them by reinterpreting them.
The original canvas, entitled ‘Bouquet’, is part of a new cycle of works by the artist that recalls the theme of still life and garden painting, timeless classics of the pictorial repertoire.
The image in this case ‘resonates’ with the tasting experience not in the technical sense of representing the scents and aromas of the wine bouquet, but following a criterion dictated solely by the energy and vibrations of the colours themselves.

How to take home your bottle of Tramari Agostino Iacurci?

Tramari Agostino Iacurci will be available from the beginning of May as a preview to members of the San Marzano wine club and through traditional distribution.