A wine for us to celebrate with, a wine that marks a milestone: San Marzano’s 60th birthday.
And while the iconic Primitivo di Manduria named after this milestone is an impressive red, we will let it rest in the cellar for the time being, and celebrate with a rosé for this summer event.
With the eponymous red wine, it shares the same grape variety, steeped in tradition and which we are going to rediscover in this special year, the Primitivo, the symbol of the winery’s growth and, at the same time, of wine-growing in Puglia region.

A rosé with a certain structure and softness, yet savoury and fresh. In the bouquet, sweet notes of ripe fioroni figs envelop the ever-present cherry, fragrant and crisp.
Sessantanni Rosé is a limited edition wine, with only a small number of bottles produced for summer 2022.