Born from the encounter between art and wine, celebrating a story in chapters.
Like our land between the seas, a narrow painting between the corners of a frame, a work of art enclosed between a beginning and an end.

TramArt Chapter 1: San Marzano and Paul Kremer
TramArt chapter 2: San Marzano and Matt KlebergTramArt Chapter 3: San Marzano and Agostino IacurciTramArt chapter 4: San Marzano and Giampaolo Sgura

TramArt is a San Marzano Wines project

Pursuing the idea that ART is a free association of forms and meanings, creativity and aesthetic taste, we have decided to promote the spontaneous union that exists between art and wine.
Be it a painting or a poem, a sculpture or a solo guitar, the work of art has a value that surpasses the limits of its space and time, breaking down the boundaries of every frame. The work of art is the gift that the author offers to the world without schemes or prejudices. The medium can be canvas or paper, ceramic or wood, concrete or glass, the result is image, sound or melody capable of expressing dimensions and perceptions without boundaries or spaces. With no beginning nor end.