San Marzano is a small town in the centre of the Primitivo di Manduria DOP,
a strip of land between the seas that wash over the Puglia region. It was here that 19 winegrowers founded Cantine San Marzano. Long before the appellation of origin was created and Primitivo di Manduria was recognised worldwide, they were chasing a dream.


Francesco Cavallo was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.
A volcanic and visionary personality, helmsman of our reality. Forty years of uninterrupted presidency, planning the future and overseeing the winery’s present.


The commitment and dedication of the members allowed the purchase of a modern bottling plant. The first bottles came out of the cellar, triggering the transition from commodity to brand. From bulk economy to a direct relationship with the end consumer.


San Marzano’s iconic label encapsulates its philosophy and essence. Produced from old vines, it is the expression of a thousand-year relationship between our people and the Primitivo grape. Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria DOP is the label that has changed the perception of Puglian wines throughout the world.

2015: SAMIA

Our garden by the sea. 120 hectares dominated by a 16th-century traditional farmhouse that can be seen walking through the endless rows of vines, expanses of shrubs and fields of fruit trees. A place of work and production, a laboratory of sustainability in continuous development. An ideal stage to share and project Mediterranean beauty, a distillation of the experience that San Marzano offers the world.