Paul Kremer's Tramari

Paul Kremer’s Tramari is the first chapter of the TramArt project, an encounter between art and wine by San Marzano. The Rosé di Primitivo label, with its simple, geometric and linear design, is an ideal canvas for the American artist known worldwide for his minimalist and conceptual style. Soft colours envelop the bottle in sinuous lines, drawing the contours of a strip of land stretching between the seas.

The meeting

The dialogue between San Marzano and the American painter, which began in 2019, was facilitated by the collaboration with gallery owner Angelo Milano (#STUDIOCROMIE). A three-dimensional encounter that started with the product, its image and its appeal, triggering the creative process that led to the representation on canvas of the elective affinities between the tastes, ideas and style of San Marzano and those of Paul Kremer.
A conceptual work, but with a wider interpretation in the way it recalls the elements of nature, the earth and the sea.
From canvas to label in a short step. As if there were no end in sight, the strip of land runs around the circumference of the bottle and gives movement, recalling the sinuosity of the liquid, whilst the fields of colour, though sharp, in their soft tones are almost a caress for the eye, indulging Tramari’s light and delicate pink.
The first chapter in the TramArt project, Paul Kremer’s Tramari is a tribute to the figurative arts and the beauty of simplicity of style, expression and language, values that inspire San Marzano’s philosophy.

Paul Kremer

Born in Chicago in 1971, Paul Kremer is a minimalist painter, recognised worldwide for his works that oscillate between illusionistic geometry and flat abstraction. Colour interactions and colour field contaminations that evoke all the courage of simplicity. He lives and works in Houston, Texas. His paintings have been exhibited in Paris, New York, Brussels, Miami, Milan and Los Angeles.


Fedrigoni and Fabriano papers 
Fedrigoni Group supported the project. Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives supplied the self-adhesive paper Picasso X-Dry for the label, while Fedrigoni Paper supplied stain resistant Tintoretto Gesso Touch Class paper for the gift box in order to create a luxury packaging. Fedrigoni Group also offered the precious Fabriano Tiepolo paper used for the numbered prints that reproduce Kremer’s painting and that go with this exclusive edition of Tramari Rosé di Primitivo

Printing the label: Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche
Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche Spa, sector leading company in Italy, printed the labels. Thanks to their contribution, it was possible to print Tramari Paul Kremer elegant and precious label, where the artwork stands out from the contest and at the same time merges with it. It was thanks to an effective alternation of lucid and opaque printing technique on opaque background that they were able to create a perfect balance, with a meticulous attention to respecting the tones and to texts readability.