The perfect gift for romantic winelovers: TiAmo Vermentino Limited Edition

Here comes 14 February, the celebration of love, the blessing and the curse of couples, but also of those who are not in a relationship. The perfect gift for him, or her is always difficult to get… Is the thought enough, or isn’t it?

The San Marzano limited edition proposal

San Marzano has decided to become a ‘galeotto’ (matchmaker) this year and, for the occasion, Timo becomes TiAmo (I love you), a limited edition of the well-known Vermentino Salento IGP to celebrate the romantic occasion.

The letter A becomes a pink apostrophe and magically transforms the name of the fresh, Mediterranean, fragrant white San Marzano into an original Valentine’s Day gift for him or her. We take the liberty of suggesting this for sharing purposes: what could be better, in fact, than a candlelight dinner where even the wine speaks of love?

TiAmo Vermentino: where to find it

TiAmo Vermentino, a distillate of Mediterranean maquis that grows on the sand dunes and rock walls of the Salento coast. A pure Vermentino, a delicate bouquet of white flowers, a distinct saline note for a wine that loves seafood.

The bottle, with the addition of an elegant cardboard gift box, will be available for a limited time at the best wine shops and partner retailers and on the official San Marzano online shop.