As underlined in the introduction by the editors of the Vinibuoni d’Italia Guide, ‘Italy is the country in the world with the greatest biodiversity of indigenous grape varieties,’ and their promotion is an important task so that nothing of what a region has to offer is lost..

Every year, the Touring Club Italiano tastes a great many wines exclusively from indigenous grape varieties, and it is a great achievement for us that our F Negroamaro Salento IGP 2020 is among those few wines to be not only included in the guide, but also rewarded with two awards of excellence:  The Corona dei Vinibuoni d’Italia and the Corona of the ‘Oggi le Corone le decido le io’ project awarded by guest commissions composed of journalists, operators, sommeliers and wine lovers.

For years now a leading player in the wine-growing of the Salento peninsula, Negroamaro is a grape variety with a centuries-old geneaology. Sometimes written negro amaro, neroamaro, negramaro and nigramaro, it owes its name to the meeting of two words, one Latin and the other Greek, niger and mavros, both indicating the black colour, characteristic of both the grape skin and the wine, which is impenetrable and shadowy to the observer. A grape variety that is now increasingly being found in excellent productions, recognised not only in Italy but also abroad for its qualities of durability, structure and elegance.

We thank the editors of the guide, the tasters and the entire organisation for their work and for recognising our ‘excellent’ Negroamaro.