San Marzano meets Japan

“Living the wine as an experience” in order to convey to consumers the feeling where the wine comes from, what inspires people who make it and what guides their work every day.
With that in mind, and always with the aim of creating precious moments of sharing and of building bridges between different worlds, San Marzano, in September 2023 welcomed in Puglia a group of lifestyle and fashion Japanese communication professionals in a press trip tailor made for them to discover the beauty of a land and its peculiarities.

Our wine culture and Japan

There is no better way to present a product to those who will then become its ambassadors in their own Country: an immersive experience in the context where the wine is made is a way to enrich it of different meanings, provide it with its true cultural connotations, show the right perspective for a correct interpretation; all of which becomes necessary especially when it comes to such different and geographically distant worlds, like Italy and Japan.

San Marzano exclusive Press Trip to discover the Puglian lifestyle

The guests of the press trip gladly waltzed from tours of the most beautiful historic village centers of the region, to Puglian cooking classes, to typical meals, and thanks to these experiences they created the right frame for their tale of a wine and its land, living the Puglian lifestyle made of nature, history, crystal clear sea, tasteful foods and cherished moments with local people.

And then the story of the winery, the production sites, the people, the welcome feeling that the wine itself inspires and encourages, completed the already colorful canvas of the contact experience with our world, with San Marzano world!