The details and ideas behind the choice of style for the San Marzano stand at Vinitaly 2022, designed by CalviBrambilla, an Architecture and Design studio with specific experience in Exhibit Design, are highly recognisable, linked two-fold to an architectural reality and to the context of a specific landscape: the one of Salento.
In line with the company’s production policy, the communication philosophy aims to describe the territory, to trace its features of essential charm, its beauty, to make everyone experience a world, the world in which Cantine San Marzano was founded and operates.
This is why, in order to involve visitors to the trade fair, the company wanted to recreate the ambience of a typical Salento farmhouse in its exhibition space.
Soft colours, simple, clean and linear edges, use of natural materials to pay homage to the most noble and majestic construction typical of rural architecture. Now more than ever also a symbol of hospitality and welcome and therefore recognisable to the attentive eye.

Distinctive elements, which have an almost magnetic effect on the public, include the star-shaped vaults highlighted by continuous light strips running along the contours of the roof, enhancing the contrast with the material of the building itself, which reproduces tufa, a classic building element used in the area.

Ample space is left for the lighting, a central component of this intentionally clean and simple structure. The collaboration with Flos, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of designer lighting, has enhanced all the wine processing and service areas, characterising them with distinctive elements such as Taccia and Smithfield lamps.

And lastly, an inevitable element for San Marzano, a touch of nature: typical Mediterranean shrubs to enhance the environment of the first flooe and provide peace of mind, as only nature can.